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Bestellnummer 810 021    Titel/Komponist Unser Leben im Lied 10: Das andere Amerika - Paul Robeson und Earl Robinson singen
Druck 1966; 1966; 1980; 1980
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1. Water Boy (Water Boy, Where Are You Hidin') [2:42]; 2. Hassidic Chant (A Good Day To The Lord God Almighty) [2:42]; 3. There Is A Balm In Gilead [2:15]; 4. Oh, My Baby, My Curly Headed Baby [2:36]; 5. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child [2:45]; 6. Passing By (There Is A Lady Sweet And Kind) [1:52]; 7. The Echo Of Our Youth (The Corn Is Glistening Around Us) [2:42]; 8. Kevin Barry (In Mountjoy Jail On Monday Morning) [2:10]; 9. Deep River (Deep River, My Heart Is Over Jordan) [2:05]; 10. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [2:08]

Seite B
11. Casey Jones (Oh, The Workers On The S. P. Line; K: Amerikanisches Volkslied, T: Joe Hill, dt.: G. F. Alexan) [2:18]; 12. The House I Live In (K: Earl Robinson, T: Lewis Allan, dt: Eva Lippold) [3:25]; 13. Joe Hill (I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night; K: Earl Robinson, T: Alfred Hayes, dt.: G. F. Alexan) [2:38]; 14. Free And Equal Blues (I Went Down To St. James' Infirmary; K: Earl Robinson, T: E. J. Harburg) [5:17]; 15. Black And White (The Ink Is Black, The Page Is White; K: Earl Robinson, T: David Arkin, dt.: Eva Lippold) [3:33]; 16. Spring Song (I Wonder Will It Come Along In Spring; K: Earl Robinson, T: Harry Schacter) [3:00]; 17. Good Morning (K: Earl Robinson) [3:37]; 18. The Quilting Bee (Oh, The World Is All In Pieces Like A Crazy Quilt; K: Earl Robinson, T: Jack Shapiro) [3:00]

Paul Robeson, Gesang (1-10); Earl Robinson, Gesang, Gitarre (11-14) und Klavier (15-18)

Aufnahme 1959 Studio Taubenstraße Berlin